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  1. Leslie

    Hey Steve-
    Great thoughts, as the first video began, I turned my head to look at the picture hanging on the wall next to me that Tim took of The Great Wall when he was there (eons ago). I don’t think I’ll look at it the same way that I used to; thank you for the reminder that Jesus tore down the wall!
    How is Nov. 5th looking for you for dinner with us all?

  2. joi rodriguez

    Hi Steve- Just want to let you know that I am never comfortable after hearing you teach. (It’s all good) The Lord really ministers to me through your teaching style and I am always challenged with what God has you say to us as a congregation. Ralph misses alot because he is constantly working and I am always so excited to tell him about what he missed. I am so thankful for the tools that we have to be taught with. You are right, we take SO MUCH for granted. I was at Saturday night service and purchased the CD for Ralph, but I found myself listening to it again on Sunday. Thank you for speaking the truth. It is what we really need. Thank you for NOT holding back!

  3. Jodi Firchau


    Glad you are home safe from your trip. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and great message on Sunday. It sounds like their was great work was done during the visit. Could we Bethelonians consider one of our upcoming benevolent offerings to go to this ministry? It sounds like the funds are greatly needed.


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