Messages at Bethel Church

Bethel’s Media Page provides you the opportunity to listen to or watch the latest message, or pull up an old message that you would like to hear again. Our archives feature sermons from the Cedar Lake, Crown Point, Gary and Hobart/Portage campuses, with our desire for listeners and viewers to celebrate God’s grace in Christ and strive to live in a way that is all about Him. These messages are also available on our app.



Radio Broadcast

The Journey is the media ministry of Bethel Church. Since 2008, it has been a half-hour broadcast format on Moody Radio FM Chicago. This program airs each Sunday morning at 11:00. A short format can also be heard on Moody radio each weekday morning.

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  1. Anne Swets

    Pastor Steve,

    I did not appreciate your comment about JFK and “old timers” remembering! I am about 10 yrs older than you, and I remember! But, mostly enjoy your messages, so will try to overlook it! (We’ve been coming to Bethel since Easter, because of Chuck and Donelle Riggle.)

    NEVER regret your story the week before. That was soooooo good. My favorite line (because I knew it was commin’), was shorten the name of Bethleham, and it would be a great name for a church. Also loved the part about it being OK if we get better transpo in the future beyond horse and chariots as long as we Middle Easterners take the profits.

    Donelle said you had an even better one. Is it posted?


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