Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Coalition of evangelical Christian leaders calling the church to repent of its worldliness.

Bethel Church

Bethel is a multi-campus congregation located in Northwest Indiana. Our vision is to see this area transformed by the gospel through preaching, ministries, and outreach.



Informing the reforming, Tim Challies is a blogger, author, and book reviewer.

Desiring God

God-centered resources from the ministry of John Piper.

The Gospel Coalition

Group of pastors and churches who delight in the truth and power of the gospel, and who want the gospel of Christ crucified and resurrected to lie at center of all they cherish, preach, and teach.

Justin Taylor on The Gospel Coalition

Between Two Worlds: Faith, Books, and Culture.



Informing minds, moving hearts, directing hands, a blog by David Murray.

Woodlands Camp

A place where you can build lifelong friendships, develop unforgettable memories, and get to know the God who created it all.

The Story

How did the world begin?  Why is it the way it is?  How will everything end?  Is there any hope?  Click the link to find out.

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