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  1. Kerry Wright

    Love your pics. We have family on the northern California coast and Carmel is a favorite, along with Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, Monterey, Sausalito…….

  2. Doug & Marcia Vande Guchte

    This blog is great, Steve. I love the pictures of your family. Your nieces and nephews are adorable! I trust you are having a great week at camp.

  3. Marti Power

    Have just read your blog(s) today for the first time (shame on me!).
    Wonderful…exciting…..enlightening… much more!
    You can preach great….write great…great pics….and we are so thankful to call you “our pastor!!”. Hope this month has been everything you wished for and more! Blessings….Marti

  4. Amanda Poninski

    I am from California (just moved here a few months ago) and your Carmel picture made me SO homesick!! If you ever go out there again (stuff me in your suitcase!)…you should check out Big Sur…one of the other most beautiful places on earth. 😉

  5. Buddy Stephenson

    I was looking for Kimber Kauffman and this site popped up in my browser. I hope everything is going well for you- my brother, Mike, and I still bring your name up in conversation about the “old days” at College Park. If you would like, email me. I’ll have to tell you all about meeting Bill Murray on the 18th at Pebble Beach! Take care!
    Wayne “Buddy” Stephenson

  6. Jeanne Gurtowski

    These are great pictures…I sure hope I have more time in 2011 for a mission trip to experience more of God’s world.

  7. Lindsay

    I came across your blog through The Gospel Coalition. These pics are great! There is absolutely nothing like living the adventurous Christian life! On a side note: I really respect your reference to the pursuit of beauty. I don’t think beauty comes up much in the church (except in a negative connotation), yet we should definitely appreciate the loveliness of life and unique beauty in creation. Best wishes to you in your ministry!

  8. Dawn

    nice pics and beautiful scenery. i have only been like 5 places in the US and i’d like to go to the holy land someday. you atr a great Pastor and i’m glad your mine. thanks Dawn Spriggs

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