Crazy Busy?

Post_130924I love receiving books in the mail!  I was blessed to get an advance copy of Kevin DeYoung’s new book Crazy Busy, which releases this week.  I would say that Kevin is a rising star author, but then, I think he has left the “rising” status to arrive at the “prolific” author stage.  With a house full of kids, a church to pastor, and writing deadlines to meet, Kevin is an expert on busy.

But aren’t we all?  That is why I can recommend this book.  Some wag once wrote, “The world is run by tired men.”  Besides the gender bias there, the truth is evident to us all.  We are tired.  Here Kevin’s book is a help and will guide you on the path away from the idolatry of doing to the more sublime life.  Not busy, but balanced and actively surrendered to a wonderfully sovereign and unhurried God.

For more on this book, see Tim Challies review here.

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