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  1. peck

    my word, i’ve been reading your blog for so long and was wondering when the Lord will bless a woman with a godly man like you. I’m overjoyed! congratulations Jennifer and Steve!!!

  2. Thomas

    Genuinely happy for you! I learned some good principles (I think) from watching this. Though I am sad I have one less person to point to as a single man pastoring a church!

  3. Mary McClymont Kleine of CBC Church

    Congratulations Pastor Steve and Jennifer, how lovely you two look and how sweet your proposal to Jennifer. Thanks for doing it right what an example these two set for God and His people.

  4. June M.

    Every time I watched this I cried…I could not be happier for you and Jennifer!!! Thank you so much for sharing your perfect moment! I only wish I could have been there to see it in person!! CONGRATULATIONS ~ Continued love and happiness always!!

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