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  1. Elle B.

    I so agree, especially with this line: “Tolerance, that supreme virtue of the culture of radical relativism, does not extend to evangelical Christians, it seems.” A person can talk about God as much as they want and not cause a stir, but the name of Jesus is divisive. My pastor often says “Why do you think people curse with His name, and not Buddha or Mohammad’s names? There’s power in the name of Jesus, even if they do not recognize it.”

  2. tiffany obrien

    While I admire Tim and his unashamed love for Jesus I am still surprised at the Christians who are accusing him of being a Pharisee. I know God is using Tim and allowing all this publicity only to refine Tim and get him ready for what is yet to come. We ought to be praying for Tim and the men he gets to witness to along with those who see the example Tim sets. Lets speak up more boldly for Jesus and His truth. Days are getting shorter so keep praising the Lord and seeking Him and His will in all things.

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