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  1. Lisa

    I’m curious what you think about that article? You’ve said how much you’re into sports, and my husband is the same. I could do without tv…I’m more of a reader…but my husband, no way. I hate that my kids seem to rely on tv to fill their free time. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what Piper said.

    • tiffany obrien

      Hi Lisa, I am not Steve but I really wanted to speak to your question maybe even more so to your heart. First I am no longer married but I was and I too have children. You don’t have to allow the tv to fill your children’s free time, unless your husband has put his foot down on this area. Even though my husband was unsaved I expressed my concerns for our kids watching too much tv and he had agreed at the time. He was addicted to tv and the online gaming so i think he saw the benefit of them not being like he was. But about your husband and tv and you and books…you can pray for your husband and yourself, you can set an example without words or nagging. And be careful esteeming your own behaviors above his because it can lead to dis-respecting him. I come to you in His love and also from my experiences. I am praying this ministers to you.

  2. Allison Enos

    Have seen too many people use the tv/DVD screen as a cocktail to numb the senses, get the romance titillation, and to fast forward dull hours in one’s life. Praise God for you to take up this stand and be an example to others.

  3. lynn

    Is there an article by Steve Dewitt or just the link to John Piper’s article? When I pull up this page, all it shows is the Piper article so I’m confused. . . thanks.

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