USMC Silent Drill Platoon

On this Veteran’s Day, I thank God for the beautiful country of freedom I am privileged to live in.  My family remembers my Uncle Jim who gave his life for our country in Vietnam.  This video is a moving picture of the unity, discipline, and dedication that has protected our country for these 233 years.

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  1. Joseph Tokarczyk

    Dear Pastor Steve,
    I want to thank you for this morning’s prayer service ( Sunday Nov. 15th 09 10:45am) I’ve been attending for a little over a year now. This was really good and God inspired. I pray daily for the anointing of the Holy Spirit present in your life, today was evident of this. Not to say, He isn’t there other Sundays. I also pray for the praise and worship to reach new levels in worship to our Lord. I do this because I know God inhabits the praises of His people. Keep up the great work in Him.

    Joe Tokarczyk

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